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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Being from a half Greek, half English/Welsh household myself, I can empathise with much of the first film. There do seem to be common traits, often called stereotypes. Although we should be wary of stereotyping, when used with affection, more often than not, there is a great deal that is so entertaining.

So, let me see… common traits:

  1. The difficulty Greeks have considering a non-meat based meal, a proper meal. For example, chicken in a Greek household is not meat per se, mince, even beef mince, is not meat; so meatballs, bolognaise sauce – are not in the meat category.
  2. Another common trait is the inability to serve human portions of food. All portions are of titanic proportions and anyone unable to clear their plate and add more is clearly feeling under the weather. In such cases a special non-meat based meal will be immediately prepared of chicken soup or grilled chicken.
  3. The grandmother is definitely a common trait; our own one was also often brought back to us by neighbours.
  4. The ‘extended family’ is in Greek terms, the ‘nuclear family’, neighbours (having stood the test of time) are included in the ‘extended family’.
  5. Everyone in the extended family is eager to offer advice, play match-maker, find jobs, visit.
  6. Children are the epi-centre
  7. All words in the collection of world languages are of Greek origin.
  8. Greeks invented everything
  9. Each Greek has their own ‘special remedy’ for every single common ailment. These include:
    1. Camomile tea
    2. Sage tea
    3. Lemon juice
    4. Olive oil and oregano rub
    5. Ethanol
    6. Vinegar

But really, what comes through from the film for me is the importance of the family, of the support we receive from each other and the support we want to give and how this sometimes gets muddled but when there is love everything works out in the end. So I guess that whether we are ‘Millers’ or ‘Portokalis’, as the father said in his wedding speech, ‘we are all fruits’.

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