Important Greek Dates - Salco Holidays - Low Cost Holidays to Corfu

Important Greek Dates

Important Greek Dates


In Greece up until quite recently, it was the celebration of a person’s name that was more important than the actual birthday. Little children always celebrated both but as adults it is always the name day that is celebrated.

Below are the saints feast days according to the Orthodox Church along with some other important events and dates in the Greek calendar.

January 1st  -

Saint Basil the Great –

Name Day for Basil, Vassili.

New Year’s cakes are baked with tokens (flouri - Flouri) for luck and prosperity in the New Year. They are cut in strict accordance to a traditional order: the first piece is for Jesus, the second for the poor person’s, the third for the household, the fourth is the father’s, then mother’s, then oldest son’s and daughters according to age, then grandparents, then visitors but visitors are always served first and older people second.

January 6th - Epiphany - Traditional diving for the cross

Name day for Fotini, Photios, Theophanis.
January 7th

Feast Day for St. John the Baptist;

Name Day for Ioannis, Yannis, Giannis
Name Day for Prodromos

January 8th

Name Day for Dominikis, Dominick
Seres –- exchange of male and female roles

January 10th

Name Day for Grigorios, Nussis
January 11th

Theodosios, Thodoris, Theodora
January 12th

Name Day for Tatiana
Feast Day for St. Anthony the Great;

Name Day for Anthony, Antonios, Adonis.
January 17th

Feast Day for St. Adonis
January 18th

Feast Day for St. Athanasios and Cyril

January 19th

Name Day for Makarios
January 20th

Name Day for Efthimios, Eythimios, Thimios
January 21st

Feast Day for St. Maximos the Confessor
Name Day for Agnes and Maximos

January 22nd

Feast Day for St. Timothy the Apostle

Name Day for Timothy
January 23rd

January 24th

Name Day for Xeni, Xenia

January 25th

Feast Day for St. Gregory the Theologian

Name Day for Gregory, Grigoris.
January 26th

Name Day for Xenophon, Xenophontos
January 27th

Feast Day for St. Chrisotomos
January 28th

Feast Day for St. Ephraim the Syrian; Name Day for Charis
January 29th Name Day for Ignatios
January 30th

Feast Day for The Three Hierarchs -Trion Ierarxon - Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, John Chrysostom


February 1st

Feast Day for St. Tryphon the Martyr
February 2nd

The Presentation of the Lord; Name Day for Ypapanti
February 3rd

Feast Day for Symeon

Annis Name Day
February 10th

Feast Day for St. Charalambos the Martyr
Name Day for Heraclia and Haralambos (Charalambos).

Feburary 11th

Name Day for Vlassios
February 12th

Name Day for Meletios
February 14th

Feast Day for St. Valentine's Day
Februray 16th

Name Day for Jeremy, Ieremias
February 17th

Feast Day for St. Theodor Tyron
February 18th

Name Day for Leon
February 23rd

Name Day for Polykarpos
February 27th

Name Day for Theodore


March 1st

St. Maria the Egyptian

Name Day for Eudokias Tis Tyrofagou
March 2nd

Feast Day for St. Theodore; Euthalias
March 3rd

Name day for Cleonikou

March 5th

Name day for Kononos.

March 7th

Name day for Laurentiou (Lawrence)
March 8th

Name day for Theofulaktou, Hermes
March 16th

Name day for Christodoulou
March 17th

Name Day for Alexious

March 19th

Name Day for Chrysanthos
March 21st

Name Day for Iakovou (Jacob)
March 25th

The Annunciation - Evangelismos tis Theotokou feast

Name Day for Evangelos and Vangelis
Independence Day. (from 400 years of Ottoman rule) Celebrated throughout Greece.

March 27th

Name day for Ilarionos
March 31st

Name day for Ypatiou   


April 1st

Feast Day for St. Mary of Egypt
April 4th

Name Day for Lazarus
April 6th

Name Day for Efthios
April 11th

Name Day for Anastassios, Lambros, Pascalis

April 15th

Name Day for Leonidas
April 16th

Feast day for Zo-odokos Piyi (Life-Giving Spring – The Virgin Mary)
April 18th

International Monuments Day - free admission to most sites.

April 19th

Name Day for Socrates
April 22nd

Name Day for Nathaniel
April 23rd

Feast of St. George;

Name Day for Georgios
April 24th Name day for Elizabeth
April 25th

Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist

Name Day for Mark, Niki


May-September - Sound and Light Show on Corfu

May 1st

Labour Day
Festival of Spring – in most places spring wreaths of flowers are made and hung on front doors

May 5th

Feast of St. Irene the Great Martyr
May 6th

Name Day for Seraphim
May 8th

Feast of St. John the Theologian

Name Day for Arsenios, Theologos
May 9th

Name Day for Isaiah, Christopher
May 13th

Name Day for Gliceria
May 14th

Name Day for Isidoros
May 18th

International Museums Day - free admission to most museums.
May 21st

Feast of Saints Konstantine and Helen (Eleni)

Name day for Konstantine, Kostas, Helen (Eleni)
May 21st

Corfu - Unification of the Ionian Islands
May 20th

Battle of Crete
May 29th

Mistras - Paleological Festival - Mass in memory of the last of the Byzantine emperors.


June 2nd         

Festival of the Holy Trinity – Ayia Triatha
Name Day for Nikiforos, Nikiphoros

June 4th Name Day for Martha
June 5th

International Environment Day - free admission to some museums and sites.

June 8th

Feast of the Ascension of Jesus

Name Day of Calliope
June 11th

Name Day for Barnabas
June 14th

Feast of St. Methodios

June 23rd

Ancient custom of jumping over bonfires made from May Day wreaths
June 24th

Nativity of St. John
June 26th

Name Day for David
June 29th

Feast of St. Peter
June 30th

Feast Day for The Twelve Holy Apostles

Name Day for Apostolos



July 6th

Name Day for Philimon
July 7th

Feast Day for St. Kyriaki the Great Martyr

Name Day for Kyriaki
July 8th

Corfu - Lefkimi - Local dance festival
Name Day for Theophilos, Prokopios

July 11th

St. Ephemia Feast/Name Day
Name Day for Olga

July 17th

St. Marina the Great Martyr Feast Day

Name Day for Marina
July 18th

Name Day for Emilios
July 20th

Feast day of the Prophet Elijah (Elias)

Name Day for Elias, Elijah
July 21-22

Corfu - Weekend of free speech in the "Garden of the People"
July 22nd

St. Mary Magdalene Feast Day
Name Day for Marcella, Magdalen

July 24th

Feast Day of St. Christina the Great Martyr

Name Day for Christina
July 26th

Feast Day of St. Paraskevi

Name Day for Paraskevi
July 27th

Feast Day for St. Panteleimon (Pandelimos) the Great Martyr

July 29th

Name Day for Kallinikos
July 31st

Name Day for Joseph



August 6th

Holy Transfiguration

Name Day for Sotirios

August 8th

Name Day for Triantafilos
August 10th

Name Day for Lavrentios

August 11th

Feast Day of St Spiridon – Corfu – The patron saint of the island miraculously intervened in the battle against the Ottoman Turks in 1716

August 15th

Day of Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Name Day for Despina, Panayiotis, Panayiota, Maria
August 20th

Name Day for Samuel
August 25th

Name Day for Bartholomew
August 26th

Name Day for Natalie, Natalia
August 27th

Name Day for Phanourios
August 28th

Name Day for Adrian, Hadrian
August 29th

Beheading of St. John the Baptist - religious observation
Feast day of Agios Ioannis.

August 30th

Feast Day for St. Alexandros

Name Day for Alexandros - Alexander



September 1st

Name Day for Simeon
September 3rd

Name Day for Anthimos
September 8th

Nativity of the Theotokos
September 9th

Name Day for Joachim
September 11th

Name Day for Evanthia
September 14th

Feast of the Holy Cross
Name Day for Stavros

September 15th

Name Day for Nikitas
September 16th

Name Day for Efimia
September 17th

Name Day for Sophia, Agapi, Elpida
September 18th

Name Day for Ariadne
September 20th

Name Day for Efstathios
September 23rd

Name Day for Xanthippe, Polyxenia
September 24th

Name Day for Thelda
September 25th

Name Day for Efrosini, Euphrosyne
September 29th

Name Day for Kyriakos



October 1st

Feast of St.Romanos the Melodist
October 3rd

Feast of St. Dionysios the Areopagite
October 6th

Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle

October 7th

Name Day for Sergios
October 8th

Name Day for Pelagia
October 10th

Name Day for Evlambios
October 15th

Name Day for Loukianos

October 18th

Feast Day of St. Luke the Evangelist

Name Day for Luke
October 20th

Name Day for Artemios, Gerassimios
October 21st

Name day for Socrates
October 23rd

Feast Day of St. James, the Brother of the Lord

Name Day for Jacobos, Jacob, Jack
October 26th

Feast of St. Demitrios the Myrrh-flowing

Name Day for Dimitrios
October 26th – 28th - Thessaloniki - Dimitrios patron saint of Thessaloniki,

October 27th

Feast of St Nestor the Martyr

Name Day for Nestor
October 28th

Ochi Day (No Day) – National Holiday  to mark the commemoration of the rejection by the  Metaxa's government of Mussolini’s ultimatum in 1940.
October 30th

Name Day for Zinovia, Zenobia



November 13th

Athens Marathon
November 1st

Name Day for Anargiros, Damianos, Kosmas

November 8th

Feast Day of  Archangel Michael and Gabriel

Name Day for Michael, Gabriel, Angelos, Stamatios
November 10th

Name Day for Orestis

November 11th

Feast of St Minas

November 13th

Feast of Saint John Chrysostom

Name Day for Chrisostomos
November 14th

Feast Day of St. Philip the Apostle

Name Day for Philip, Phillipos
November 16th

Feast Day for St. Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist
November 17th

Commemoration of the Athens Polytechnic and the students’ uprising in 1973 against the military junta of Georgos Papadopoulos - Widely observed

November 21st

Name day for virgin girls named Mary
November 25th

Feast of St. Katherine the Great Martyr

Name Day for Catherine
November 26th

Name Day for Stilianos
November 30th

Feast Day of St. Andrew the Apostle

Name Day for Andrew, Andreas



December 4th

Feast Day of St. Barbara - patron saint of the military.
Feast Day St. John of Damascus

December 5th

Feast Day of  St. Savvas the Blessed
December 6th

Feast Day of Saint Nicholas – Patron saint of seafarers - widely observed
December 9th

Feast Day of Saint Anna

December 12th

Feast Day of Saint Spyridon - Corfu
December 13th

Feast Day of Saint Efstratos
December 15th

Feast Day of Saint Eleftherios
December 17th

Feast Day of St. Dionysos of Zakynthos
Feast Day of The Prophet Daniel

December 20th

Feast Day of St. Ignatius the God-Bearer
December 22nd

Feast Day of St. Anastasia the Healer from Poison
December 24th

widely observed - caroling in the streets

December 25th

Christmas Day

Name day for Christos and Christina/Christine.
December 26th

Synaxis in honour of The Most Holy Theotokos
December 27th

Feast of St. Stephen the First Martyr
December 31st

New Year’s Eve - Card playing throughout Greece to bring prosperity and luck to the household










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